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Three Bears Labradors


Breeding Top Quality English Labrador Retrievers 

Est. 1992

Puppies Available

Our puppy prices are:

8 to 12 weeks $2500.-$3000.

6 months and up $5000.

Welcome to Three Bears!

 We are professionally breeding English Labrador Retrievers.  We got our name from our love of bears and English Labrador Retrievers. The three colors of Labrador Retrievers remind us of the Kodiak, Black, and Polar Bear. Hence, Three Bears Labradors!

We are located in East Tennessee in the Cherokee Mountains of Madisonville, Tn. We breed Quality English Black Labradors, Yellow Labradors and Chocolate Labradors. We always strive to have the best breed of English Labrador Retrievers dogs you can find. Our dogs come from some of the best bred dogs in the country.

Raised in our home, we strive to breed for temperament, large blocky heads, otter tails, correct conformation, and type. We perform health and genetic testing on all of our dogs and we OFA certify them to ensure the healthiest dogs!

Connie and I eat, sleep, and breathe Labradors, and are always willing to help like-minded Labrador folks. Feel free to contact us, anytime!


Three Bears Labradors is a small hobby farm in East Tennessee. I am Charles Lockwood and my wife is Connie Lockwood. We are English Labrador Retriever enthusiasts. We have been in love with the English Labrador Retriever breed for the last 40 years. Being an avid bird hunter as a young man, I spent much time on the water. It was a cold day in December when I shot my first duck and I had to wade out in the water in my underwear to retrieve the duck! Soon after I returned and dried off, I knew I was in the market for a Labrador Retriever. I wanted a hunting partner, a house dog that would be great with my family and dog that would retrieve my ducks! Bam! I found my first English Labrador Retriever and he was all I needed and more. Fastforward almost four decades and there's not a day that I don't have a English Labrador Retriever (or two, or three...) in my life.

Today, our passion is breeding the finest quality labradors in the world for ourselves and the families that we are so lucky to share our lovely labradors with. Each year, we have made greater strides perfecting our breeding program through experience, commitment, excellence and relationships with fellow breeders across the world.

We selectively breed to some of the greatest labrador lines in the world with champion and grand champion dogs. 


Our breeding program values quality over quantity. We pride ourselves in three major areas: 1) Selecting English Labrador Retriever bitches with correct conformation, type and temperament for our program 2) Health testing for healthy, happy Labradors with longevity, and 3) correct temperament.

Sometimes we hear from people, "Well were not looking for a show dog", but whats important to understand is the show dogs lines are what you should desire for their correct type, health and temperament. The labrador standard is our guidelines for our breeding program. The standard for Labrador Retrievers speaks to correct, size, height, weight and type as well as color (black, chocolate and yellow only). Labrador Retriever Adults should have chisled heads, otter tails, double coats, well-muscled, powerful barrel chests, and possess the strength to carry large birds like a goose. Their eyes should glimmer with kindness and they should be innately eager to learn and please. That said, that is why  Labrador Retrievers are the #1 dog according to AKC for the last 30 years. 

Feel free to explore our pages and if you have any questions please reach out to us via email or call, we always have time to talk labs!

Charles & Connie

The Best Place to Find English Labrador Show Dogs

The English Labrador Show Dog is one of the most popular and beautiful dog breeds in the world. It has amazing looks and an endearing temperament that makes it a perfect companion on four legs. Many times, people get confused by its name ‘English Labrador,’ which is a misnomer. It is imperative to understand that the breed was divided into the English Labrador and the American Labrador based on their roles as hunting companions or show dogs.


The Labrador breed came from Newfoundland and was pioneered by English settlers who brought their fishing and hunting companions from England for the uninitiated. Thus, all Labradors are English and were initially working dogs. When bringing a pet home, especially an English Labrador Show Dog, it is imperative to know about its appearance and temperament.


This dog breed is instantly recognizable and is very popular. However, certain distinctive features set them apart from their other working-bred relatives. Its thick tapering otter tail and its chiseled head are two of its classic features.

Head - Its head is chiseled and is heavier and larger than other working-type labs. The marked “stop” is more distinctive in yellow English labs than the American labs. This “stop” is the point where its skull rises gently upwards from the muzzle base. It has large kind eyes that seem to implore you to take him home.

Shape - The body shape of this dog is based on the broad theme which continues up to its tail. Well-proportioned, strong neck and deep and broad chest give it a royal look. It has a powerful and well-muscled hindquarters. Its tail is one of its major attractions, which is heavy and bushy and sweeps downwards right behind him. Sometimes its shape may give it a shorter appearance or look short-legged, but it is just an impression. When looking for show dogs, you may find them slightly shorter in the leg but is proportioned with the spine.

Tail - The otter tail is its unique feature which is heavy and tapers to a point. It makes the English Labrador looks more attractive and good-looking. 

• Coat- The coat of this dog is double and waterproof. It is perfect for tolerating the ice waters of Newfoundland. Thus, the coat is perfect for them to sustain sub-zero temperatures.

Three Bears Labradors is the perfect place to find the best English Labrador Show Dogs.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

"Three Bears breeds beautiful and healthy labradors with excellent pedigrees. Charlie is extremely knowledgeable about all things labrador and has an excellent facility. His dogs are well-loved and well-cared for. The puppies are socialized before going to their new homes. I am so in love with my puppy and Charlie has been very responsive anytime I have had questions. If you are looking for a English labrador puppy, I highly recommend giving Charlie at Three Bears Labradors a call. You won't regret it."

Misty H.

Another Satisfied Customer

5 STAR REVIEW on Google

Charlie and Connie are great breeders! We have had the best experience getting two pups from them. Our boys are big, beautiful, healthy, and well

socialized. From the very first conversation I had with Charlie, the whole process was great. They kept in touch as the puppies grew and sent updates and

pictures. All their paperwork was in perfect order when we picked them up. It is obvious that they take great pride in breeding quality English Lab! Highly

recommend if you are looking for a well bred, beautiful pup!

Gigi H.

Another Satisfied Customer

5 STAR REVIEW on Google